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Preguntas más frecuentes

Clothing (Summer)

Baby clothes Shoes (black)
Gym shorts
Hiking/Work boots Women's dress shoes
School uniforms
Socks Shirts (light weight, long sleeve) Jeans

School Supplies

Computers (Pentium 4 or higher) Notebooks (spiral bound and marble) Backpacks Pens and pencils Markers White board markers Musical instruments
DVD Movies English and Spanish
Electronic encyclopedia in Spanish
Paints (acrylics & water color) Brushes Charcoal and pastel sticks Colored chalk Drawing paper Rolls of canvas for acrylic painting Desks and chairs Books in Spanish (all levels) English is now taught in all Nicaraguan schools… Easy reading materials are needed from the baby level to Grade 10 Children’s magazines in English
Books for children and teens in English (easy reading level) Dictionaries / CD encyclopedia in English and Spanish ****** Please consider contacting your local school,
especially at the end of the year, for a locker clean out.
We greatly appreciate all used school supplies
that would be ordinarily thrown away.
Pens, pencils, rulers, markers, crayons, art supplies, ETC.
** Spiral bound notebooks should have used pages removed.

Household and Office

Candles and candle holders
Glasses, plates (plastic or china, no crystal)
Insulated coolers/thermoses
Kitchen utensils (knives, forks, spoons) Microwave and toaster ovens
Linens: towels, sheets, pillow cases, light blankets
Mosquito netting
Pots, pans, serving dishes
Sewing materials: fabric, thread, needles, sewing machines, irons, scissors, etc.
Stuffed toys: new/gently used (no big plastic) OFFICE Computers (Pentium 4 or higher) Laptops Computer accessories
Flat screen monitors
Memory sticks
Sound equipment Post-it notes Paper clips Copy paper

Sports Equipment

Baseballs and equipment
Soccer balls
Tennis balls
Volley balls
Bicycles Inline skates Exercise machines

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